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About my inactivity during the last days

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1 About my inactivity during the last days on Tue May 17, 2016 2:14 am

Hello buddies!
I hope that everyone saw that I wasn't active during the last week, that was because I had a motorbike crash, I stayed in hospital the whole day, after that the medics said that I have to repose so I decided to play computer games Razz I have some burns and scratches so It's not easy to move the legs, I have to take pain pills.
The insurance expert witnesses have seen the motorbike, they sent the budget to the other insurance company, but some days ago I called my insurance company and they said that the other company doesn't answer anything and hope they will wait the max time to pay my repairs (3 months).
For that reason I have been very sensitive and irritable, and I got angry easily with freevoters, hackers and insulters.
I'm sorry for that, I will learn to control myself better when I'm having real life problems.
Hope you will understand me Sad
See you in the game.

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